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Romantic Compatibility Report for Brad & Angelina

Brad Pitt
Wednesday, December 18, 1963  6:33:00 AM
Shawnee, Oklahoma
Time Zone: 06:00 (CST)
Longitude: 096° W 55' 30"
Latitude: 35° N 19' 38"

Angelina Jolie
Wednesday, June 04, 1975  9:09:00 AM
Los Angeles, California
Time Zone: 07:00 (PDT)
Longitude: 118° W 14' 34"
Latitude: 34° N 03' 08"


The StarMatch(tm) astrological compatibility report helps you compare two charts by 1) identifying each partner's emotional needs by describing their Descendant (7th house cusp), Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars; and 2) examining the way their two charts interact. After describing what each partner needs in their love life, the report assesses their interaction by describing the significant aspects between their charts. These aspects identify areas of attraction, harmony, and conflict. The "Strength" noted for each aspect shows its degree of influence on the relationship. The Strength combines the aspect's closeness of exactitude with its positive or negative value for compatibility purposes. The higher the Strength is, the more strongly the aspect is likely to be felt and acted out in the relationship.

Planets in Signs

Brad's Gemini Descendant

In love relationships you prefer a partner who is intellectually stimulating and exciting to converse with. They must also be adaptable, inquisitive and somewhat dualistic in personality.  You may often choose young partners or at least those who maintain a youthful demeanor into their adult life.  Instead of planning your romantic encounters, you prefer to be more spontaneous and just follow the mood.

Through marriage (or other long-term committed relationship), you will learn to express yourself with consideration for another.  The best lover for you would be one who could provide some grounding to help you cope with the mundane realities of life.

Angelina's Capricorn Descendant

You are highly sensitive and intuitive and do not deal well with rejection, which causes you to shy away from making romantic advances.  You take love and sex very seriously, and a measure of emotional security is important if you are to enjoy sex with your partner.  It is essential that there be mutual trust and respect in any relationship you develop.

Persons with Capricorn descendant often marry partners who are older than them. You admire the qualities of honor and dignity in your mate and enjoy being "taken care of," although at some level you may also resent it.  Relying on your lover to take care of your needs is one thing, but developing a totally dependent relationship is another.  You would be happier with the former.

Brad's Sun in Sagittarius

A high degree of personal involvement with your partner is necessary--casual affairs leave you cold.  Sex is more than a physical release for you.  You require intimacy and communication with your lover.  Therefore, it is most important that your mate be intellectually and emotionally compatible with this need.

You want your relationship to extend beyond the bedroom and out into the world.  It is important to you that you be able to work as well as play with your partner.  Although you require a deep intimacy in order to be happy in a long-term relationship, your partner must also be able to grant you freedom to pursue your own goals in life.  This is the balance you seek.

Angelina's Sun in Gemini

Communication is very important in your relationships, and you can learn a great deal through your partners--that is, if you are willing to undergo a little self-examination. You don't like others to probe your deeper secrets and feel embarrassed at displays of emotion (yours or others').

It is important to you that your lover be your friend. Sex alone is not going to make you happy in a relationship, no matter how good it is.  You have a light-hearted attitude toward sex and need a partner who shares your need for variety and stimulation.  You have a knack for sexual experimentation and can become bored with a partner who is not of similar temperament.

Brad's Moon in Capricorn

The best partner for you would be one who is stable, loyal and reliable.  But that does not mean they need to be dull.  You just need commitment and reassurance that the love you have is real and lasting.  Your partner must be sincere, and they must believe in a high level of communication in the relationship.

Some persons with Moon in Capricorn marry for money or status.  Or they may provide the means of support for their partner.  No matter what reason you marry, you seek a solid long-term relationship which improves as it ages.  You would like to grow old with your partner, all the while being the best of friends.

Angelina's Moon in Aries

You tend to live for the moment and make lightning-quick decisions in your love life.  For this reason, you may rush into love affairs too quickly before you have had a chance to accurately assess the situation.  You need a partner who is exciting and spontaneous. Otherwise, you may find that you often leave him or her behind when you dash off in pursuit of new adventures.

Be careful not to let the affair become so intense that it burns itself out quickly.  Look before you leap into an intimate committed relationship.  You need a partner who can help keep the feeling of newness and excitement alive in your relationship.

Brad's Mercury in Capricorn

Since you tend to be rather conservative in your thinking, you probably adhere to society's views on what is normal in sexual relationships.  You probably would automatically rule out things which most people would consider "kinky" or "weird."  Therefore, you need a lover who would be in agreement with your sexual values rather than one who would constantly shock you with suggestions of unusual sexual behavior.

You are careful to learn what pleases your partner and then make sure you provide it.  This can be a good practice except that your partner's taste and/or preference may change from time to time.  In order to avoid getting into a rut sexually, be sure to ask for an update from your partner from time to time so that their needs receive full attention.  An occasional change in your sexual program can add excitement and intrigue.

Angelina's Mercury in Gemini

Communication and mental affinity are important to you in your relationships, and you and your partner will probably share many erotic discussions. Your imagination is very sharp, and it is imperative that you do not allow yourself to become bored intellectually. For this reason, your partner must learn to excite you mentally as well as physically.

You are a pro at whispering "sweet nothings" to turn your lover on, and you may enjoy discussing the intricate details of lovemaking with your partner, before, during and/or after the experience. You also enjoy reading erotic material and may get new ideas for expanding your own repertoire of fantasies. You need a partner who is adventurous enough in sex to constantly try out new ideas with you.

Brad's Venus in Capricorn

You are attracted to people who are practical, persevering and accomplished.  Some with this Venus position marry for money or status, and they certainly recognize true value in a partner when they see it.  Security is very important to you--both emotionally and materially. You seek quality in your relationships and will not settle for anything less.

Venus in this sign makes you somewhat controlled and reserved in your love life.  You are able to be patient and wait for what (or who) you want.  Actions speak louder than words to you, and you will be a tremendously loyal and helpful mate.  You seek security in your relationships, and you truly need to be needed.  It is important to you that your mate treat you and your relationship with respect.

Angelina's Venus in Cancer

You seek a deep love in which you can merge souls and personalities with your lover.  You are totally devoted to your mate, and you seek such devotion in return.  Be careful that this devotion does not turn into jealousy and possessiveness, which could result in your lover feeling trapped.  Remember that a truly solid relationship is based on two strong individuals who share mutual goals.

Your sexual appetite is quite strong, partly because you allow your sexual energy to build for a while before releasing it.  If you find this to be frustrating, try communicating your needs to your partner before you reach that point.  They can only satisfy your needs if they are aware of them.

Brad's Mars in Capricorn

You seek a partner with Capricornian qualities, such as stability, ambition, and self-discipline.  It is important to you that you be treated with respect in your relationships, and you can even have a paternal attitude toward your lover (no matter which sex you are).  You need a lover who offers you security and who will be satisfied in a relationship that is somewhat structured.

Sexually, you tend to be faithful to your lover.  You will be happier if you develop one relationship that can become long-lasting and secure.  It will be doubly satisfying if you and your partner share a common goal or ambition.

Angelina's Mars in Aries

You have a direct approach to romance and lovemaking, and you need a partner who does not require a great deal of courting and who will not mind that you are most often the initiator in your relationship.  You are eager to get to the physical part of lovemaking and should be careful not to leave your partner behind emotionally once you get involved. The lessons you need to learn are self-restraint and patience.

Be careful not to act rashly and impulsively in making commitments in love relationships. Also, be sure to get all sides of the story and think things over carefully before acting in anger.  Otherwise, you may regret it when you calm down.

Planets in Mutual Houses

Angelina's Sun in Brad's 7th House

This combination is common in close personal relationships, including marriage and business partnerships.  You enjoy each other’s company and both of you contribute equally to the harmony you share by being fair and willing to compromise.   Each of you acts as a mirror, allowing you to see yourselves more clearly through the eyes of another.  Angelina should avoid becoming overly critical of Brad's weaknesses and instead should help Brad become stronger in problem areas.  In a love relationship, this combination indicates a strong physical attraction.

Brad's Sun in Angelina's 6th House

This combination is more common among passing acquaintances than long-term friends or lovers.  You may work for the same company or in the same building, or you may have come together temporarily to work on a common goal.  You’re good at brainstorming together to find solutions to shared problems.  Brad can inspire Angelina to become more efficient and thorough in the areas of work and health, and can positively influence Angelina's overall health.  Angelina in return can provide valuable services to Brad.  Brad should avoid becoming overly critical and demanding.  This is an excellent combination between boss and employee or patient and doctor.

Angelina's Moon in Brad's 4th House

This combination is common between marriage partners or others who are members of the same household.  You feel at home in each other’s presence and share many common family experiences.  You are very sensitive to each other’s feelings and may even share a telepathic link.  Each of you will nurture the other, and if you live together you’ll create a very comfortable home.  Angelina should avoid becoming overly protective or "(s)mothering" Brad.  Brad may find Angelina to be moody or overly sensitive at times.

Brad's Moon in Angelina's 6th House

This combination is common among people who work together, such as a boss and employee or co-workers.  You also share similar beliefs and concerns about health, diet and general well-being.  Brad enjoys being of service to Angelina and can instinctively tell when Angelina needs assistance.  Angelina can offer good advice designed to help Brad become more efficient and more healthy.  Brad is always eager to help Angelina, but should avoid becoming over-protective or worrying too much.  This is a good combination between patient and doctor.

Angelina's Mercury in Brad's 7th House

You share similar perspectives on love, marriage, partnerships, and relationships in general.  You communicate often and will seek each other’s counsel on problems you’re experiencing in these areas.  Since you enjoy many of the same friends, you may work together in a group to bring about social or environmental change.  This is an excellent combination for cooperation on projects involving writing, teaching or scientific research. Angelina can play "devil’s advocate" for Brad by arguing for the opposing point of view. This helps sharpen Brad's intellectual skills and clarify ideas.  You would also enjoy taking short journeys together.

Brad's Mercury in Angelina's 6th House

This combination is more common between passing acquaintances than long-term friends or lovers.  You can brainstorm together quite effectively to come up with new solutions for common problems.  Brad can suggest ideas to help Angelina work or live more efficiently and may positively influence Angelina's overall attitude about diet, health, and stress management.  This is an excellent combination in business relationships of all kinds, as well as between patient and doctor.  If a more difficult comparison (or if Mercury is heavily afflicted in Brad's natal chart), Brad should avoid becoming overly critical or nit-picky.

Angelina's Venus in Brad's 8th House

This combination is common between people who share finances in some way, usually through inheritance or marriage.  Or you could run a business together, especially in the areas of art, music, banking, insurance or taxes.  In fact, finances may be the reason you met, and if you marry it could be for financial reasons.  You also share common interests in psychic or occult matters, and you may share a strong intuitive link.  In a love relationship, this combination indicates a strong sexual attraction and passionate interchange.  If a more difficult comparison (or if Venus is heavily afflicted in Angelina's natal chart), Brad may be overly jealous and possessive of Angelina.

Brad's Venus in Angelina's 6th House

This combination is common between people who work together as co-workers or between boss and employee, especially in the areas of art, music, entertainment, food or health.  You may enjoy cooking together, or creating music, art or crafts.  You both provide encouragement and support for your partner whenever needed, without expecting anything in return.  Angelina can offer Brad sound advice on how to streamline Brad's work to make it more efficient.  Brad will add beauty and harmony to Angelina's workplace.  You can work together harmoniously, even in stressful situations.

Angelina's Mars in Brad's 4th House

Your influence on each other is largely determined by the overall compatibility between you. If the comparison is mostly positive (and Mars is well-aspected in Angelina's natal chart), you may share a household.  If so, you’ll work effectively together on domestic projects and may even run a business from your home.  If a more difficult comparison (or if Mars is heavily afflicted in Angelina's natal chart), Brad will consider Angelina to be aggressive and considerate.  In turn, Angelina will consider Brad to be lazy, overly sensitive and too wrapped up in family matters.  This is an unfavorable combination between marriage partners or family members (especially child and parent).

Brad's Mars in Angelina's 6th House

You can work effectively together on joint projects, especially in the areas of science, engineering or politics.  Angelina can help provide constructive channels for Brad's high energy.  If between boss and employee, Angelina will work hard to meet the demands of Brad.  If a difficult comparison (or if Mars is heavily afflicted in Brad's natal chart), Brad may become overly critical and lose patience with Angelina's work habits, believing them to be inefficient.  Brad should learn to develop more patience with Angelina.  Otherwise, the constant pressure on Angelina could result in accidents or illness.

Angelina's Jupiter in Brad's 4th House

You could run a successful business together, especially in the fields of real estate, farming, food, or products for the home.  This combination is also common between people who live in the same household.  Even if you don’t share a home, you’ll feel at home and comfortable with each other.  If you do live together, you will create a home environment that is peaceful and spiritually uplifting, and you will freely share your bounty with those who are less fortunate.  If a difficult comparison (or if Jupiter is heavily afflicted in Angelina's natal chart), Angelina may seem selfish and overprotective to Brad, while Angelina may consider Brad to be moody and overly sensitive.

Brad's Jupiter in Angelina's 9th House

You share many common views and enjoy lively discussions, especially concerning philosophy, religion, law, publishing, education, travel and foreign cultures.  This is an excellent combination between family members, as well as marriage partners.  You enjoy traveling together, whether for reasons of religion or spirituality, education, or just plain adventure.  You respect each other a great deal and share a strong bond of mutual trust and confidence.  This is also a wonderful combination between teacher and student.

Angelina's Saturn in Brad's 8th House

This combination is common between people who share financial responsibilities, especially in the areas of corporate matters, inheritance, accounting, insurance, or marriage.  Angelina can help Brad become more organized in economic matters, and Brad can help enhance Angelina's career through the use of their joint finances.  If a difficult comparison (or if Saturn is heavily afflicted in Angelina's natal chart), Angelina will be emotionally cool and unresponsive toward Brad, and you may have disagreements over joint finances or spiritual beliefs.  Angelina may become overly critical and parental toward Brad, and Brad may have to make many compromises in order to preserve the relationship.

Brad's Saturn in Angelina's 7th House

This is an excellent combination between business or marriage partners, as long as you both can handle the responsibilities that come with this relationship.  In a business partnership, you could work effectively together in the areas of politics, law, public relations or management.  In a love relationship, this contact often indicates a lasting marriage, and you’ll enjoy working to build a future together.  You treat each other with fairness and integrity, and you find it easy to cooperate when there is work to be done.  If a difficult comparison (or if Saturn is heavily afflicted in Brad's natal chart), Brad may seem demanding and critical to Angelina, and Angelina may resent Brad's constant testing.

Angelina's Uranus in Brad's 11th House

You share many common interests and find each other to be intellectually and spiritually stimulating.  Each of you will introduce the other to new and exciting friends, and you will work together toward humanitarian, social and environmental reform.  As you explore new concepts and ideas, you will help to broaden each other’s minds (especially in such areas as science and metaphysics).  You each respect the other’s freedom and individuality and would never attempt to manipulate or control the other.  If a difficult comparison (or if Uranus is heavily afflicted in Angelina's natal chart), Brad may find Angelina to be unpredictable and unreliable.  Your friendship could end suddenly and without warning.

Brad's Uranus in Angelina's 2nd House

This combination is common between business associates, especially in the areas of science, inventions, electronics, and metaphysics.  Brad can encourage Angelina to invest in new and innovative ideas and to be more willing to take risks financially.  Angelina can help Brad practically apply intuitive insights to everyday economics.  If the comparison is positive overall (and Uranus is well-aspected in Brad's natal chart), you could help each other become wealthy.  If not, then you may lead each other deep into debt.  While together your financial situations may go through many ups and downs.  Brad may find many excuses to dip into Angelina's resources.

Angelina's Neptune in Brad's 12th House

This combination is common between people who spend time together in social institutions, such as hospitals or religious organizations.  You share a karmic bond and enjoy similar interests in art, music, mysticism and psychic sciences.  You can inspire each other to explore your subconscious patterns and motivations and to overcome unhealthy attitudes and patterns.  If a difficult comparison (or if Neptune is heavily afflicted in Angelina's natal chart), you could encourage mutual escapism through the use of drugs or alcohol.  You could secretly plot against each other and spread rumors designed to destroy your reputations.  You tend to bring out neurotic tendencies in each other.

Brad's Neptune in Angelina's 4th House

This combination indicates a strong karmic tie and is very common among family members or people who share a household.  If the comparison between you is a positive one overall (and Neptune is well-aspected in Brad's natal chart), Brad inspires Angelina to become more spiritual and intuitive.  Angelina will create a peaceful, harmonious home life conducive to prayer and meditation.  If a more difficult comparison (or if Neptune is heavily afflicted in Brad's natal chart), your home life will be fragmented and confused.  Brad may feel neglected or misunderstood by Angelina, and Angelina may feel Brad is untrustworthy (especially in real estate matters).  There may be problems with your families because of religious differences.

Angelina's Pluto in Brad's 10th House

This combination is common between people who work together in corporate affairs, politics, scientific research, or the occult.  The work you do together will have a profound effect on those around you, and you have the power to help bring about massive reforms.  If a more difficult comparison (or if Pluto is heavily afflicted in Angelina's natal chart), Angelina may try to manipulate or control Brad's professional life or may become a rival for Brad's position.  There may be intense power struggles between you which could damage both your reputations.

Brad's Pluto in Angelina's 2nd House

You will have a profound effect on each other’s value systems, and especially your attitudes about money.  If the comparison between you is a positive one overall (and Pluto is well-aspected in Brad's natal chart), Brad can help raise Angelina's awareness of socially conscious practices, such as conservation and recycling of resources.  You can also be very resourceful when doing business together, and this could benefit you both financially.  If a difficult comparisom (or if Pluto is heavily afflicted in Brad's natal chart), you may have conflicts over jointly-held assets, especially inheritances, corporate holdings, or alimony. Avoid the tendency to try to manipulate or control each other’s resources.

Planets in Aspect

Angelina's Moon trine Brad's Ascendant  (Strength:   +720.0 )

Angelina has a comforting and soothing effect on Brad.  Brad can help Angelina overcome emotional difficulties so as to achieve security in domestic and financial matters.  With this combination you find it easy to cooperate in family decisions.  Since it indicates emotional compatibility and mutual understanding, it is frequently found between marriage partners.

Brad's Mars square Angelina's Mars  (Strength:   -630.0 )

There is conflict between your individual wills.  You may have a tendency to obstruct or interfere with each other's endeavors.  The inability to resolve differences can result in disputes.  There can even be vindictiveness between you if you are not able to work out disagreements.  Since you do not cooperate very easily, this skill must be cultivated. Unless there is much mutual respect and tolerance shown by other aspects in the relationship, this is a very undesirable aspect in marriage or business partners.

Angelina's Sun opposite Brad's Ascendant  (Strength:   +591.9 )

This aspect indicates a strong sexual attraction and is often found between marriage partners.  You act as mirrors for each other and in this way each of you can teach the other a great deal about themselves.  You share many common interests and yet are rarely bored with each other.  There is a spiritual bond between you which encourages mutual self-awareness and creative expression.

Angelina's Sun square Brad's Pluto  (Strength:   -450.0 )

This aspect can indicate friction between you as Brad will resist Angelina's authority and will become jealous, rebellious, demanding, even vindictive.  Brad resists criticism from Angelina and will instead try to change Angelina.  In a romantic relationship, Brad could undermine the confidence of Angelina and will try to reform Angelina.  Traditionally, this aspect is a sign of infidelity in a major relationship.  At the very least, there will be a rivalry for supremacy.

Brad's Uranus square Angelina's Neptune  (Strength:   -315.0 )

There are major differences in your social or political views, and you hold different ideals for your life and for the planet as a whole.  This aspect magnifies other areas of discord between you.  If the comparison is basically a positive one, this one will merely add minor irritation.

Angelina's Mars conjunct Brad's Jupiter  (Strength:   +313.5 )

You have similar aspirations and ambitions and could accomplish a great deal together. You will each be helpful and supportive toward the other, and any association will result in your mutual benefit.  The only danger is that your association could promote extravagance and wild speculation in you both.  You encourage optimism, ambition and growth in each other and share a love of sports, nature and the outdoors.  This aspect is often found between the charts of marriage or business partners.

Angelina's Moon square Brad's Mercury  (Strength:   -215.7 )

Angelina can be hypersensitive to the viewpoints and feelings of Brad.  Brad may sometimes misinterpret words or deeds of Angelina.  Communication and understanding are difficult, and you may get caught up in petty arguments.  Brad may become irritated and impatient if Angelina is not able to follow Brad's line of thinking.  Brad may be critical of Angelina and may not understand (or may totally disregard) the moods and emotions of Angelina.  Misunderstandings are common. Positive aspects between your Sun, Moon, Mercury or Venus can provide the cooperation needed to resolve differences.

Angelina's Mars trine Brad's Ascendant  (Strength:   +214.6 )

You could combine your skills and efforts and work effectively together in business.  If you live together, your home life is harmonious and you each respond instantly to an expression of need from the other.  There is also a strong sexual attraction between you.

Brad's Jupiter trine Angelina's Neptune  (Strength:   +210.0 )

You share a spiritual and psychic tie, and there is mutual encouragement of idealism, intuitive development, spiritual or religious interests, and charitable instincts.  You provide inspiration for mutual growth and expansion and will support each other in achieving your ambitions in life.  In the case of business partners, this aspect indicates the accumulation of wealth.

Brad's Mercury opposite Angelina's Saturn  (Strength:   -186.1 )

Angelina can be critical and discouraging and may tend to harshly judge or discount the intellectual talents and attainments of Brad.  Angelina can do damage to Brad's self-confidence, causing resentment to grow between you.  Brad, you must learn to protect your own spiritual health and well being.  Brad may feel that Angelina is limiting Brad's growth, and that because of Angelina there are delays and restrictions placed on Brad's progress. Brad will seem careless and impulsive to Angelina.  It is difficult for you to cooperate with each other (unless the comparison contains several other positive aspects which offset this one).  If there are many other mitigating aspects, much can be learned through constructively challenging each other in your individual (and collective) goals in life.

Angelina's Moon square Brad's Mars  (Strength:   -182.1 )

This aspect can produce a serious personality conflict. There is a strong attraction and mutual stimulation, but there is an equally strong adverse emotional reaction. Brad can be rude or abrupt toward Angelina, and Angelina tends to be hypersensitive to the impulsiveness of Brad's actions.  Some facets of Brad's personality may irritate Angelina, such as a lack of consideration and tolerance.  Brad needs to practice more self-restraint and patience with Angelina, who in turn must try not to be so overly sensitive.

Angelina's Moon square Brad's North Node  (Strength:   -172.9 )

Angelina's family background and emotional conditioning are incompatible with Brad's idea of proper social and cultural behavior.  You have very different attitudes about what is appropriate, or even ethical, behavior.

Angelina's Saturn trine Brad's Neptune  (Strength:   +168.0 )

Brad can inspire Angelina to fully express Angelina's creativity, while Angelina in turn stabilizes Brad.  The association is a harmonious one.  Properly expressed, this aspect can encourage Angelina to fly and break away from material concerns; and at the same time it can help Brad to become more grounded and practical.

Angelina's Moon conjunct Brad's Jupiter  (Strength:   +143.0 )

This is a very positive aspect in any relationship, as it encourages mutual confidence and respect.  Brad stimulates Angelina's imagination and self-confidence and will also be patient, tolerant, generous and protective. Even if the relationship should end, Brad would never hold any ill feelings toward Angelina.  If Brad is spiritually inclined, Brad will have an inspiring effect on Angelina, bringing out Angelina's best qualities.  This aspect also promotes fertility.

Angelina's Neptune conjunct Brad's Ascendant  (Strength:   +109.1 )

This combination indicates that there is a psychic link between you.  Angelina will share new levels of spiritual self-awareness with Brad, who will learn a great deal through the association.  If Angelina's Neptune is afflicted, Angelina may encourage self-indulgence and even drug and alcohol abuse in Brad.

Angelina's Sun square Brad's Uranus  (Strength:   -103.6 )

Freedom is a problem area in your relationship.  Angelina finds Brad to be annoyingly unpredictable, and Brad resents Angelina's attempts at control and will rebel against any display of power or authority by Angelina.  In extreme cases your conflicts may even become violent.  It is difficult to achieve cooperation with this combination, and it often causes conflict and separations. Both of you are impatient with the other and find it difficult to see things from their perspective.

Angelina's Venus sextile Brad's Midheaven  (Strength:   +100.0 )

This combination brings harmony and cooperation to your relationship.  You share common social and career goals and are able to work as an effective team to achieve them. Angelina brings beauty and harmony to your home and family life, while Brad provides professional and economic security.

Angelina's Mars square Brad's North Node  (Strength:   -93.8 )

You have very different social attitudes and belief systems. Brad sees Angelina's behavior as crude and inappropriate.  Angelina considers Brad to be stuck up and a slave to social trends.  This is a poor combination between business partners if your business involves following social trends.
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Brad's Sun sextile Angelina's Uranus  (Strength:   +78.3 )

Both partners usually benefit from this combination, especially if they can allow each other plenty of freedom and respect each other's right to independent expression. There is spiritual harmony, and your association awakens intellectual and creative powers in you both.  You always find each other interesting, and life is never boring when you are together.  Often this aspect indicates that the relationship will have frequent interruptions involving one party's absence for long periods of time.  But this too can serve to rekindle interest and excitement in the relationship.  Remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Report by: Vega Attraction Astrology