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AstrolDeluxe Chart Interpretation for Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford
Thursday, July 16, 1942  11:41:00 AM
Chicago, Illinois
Time Zone: 05:00 (CWT)
Longitude: 087° W 39'
Latitude: 41° N 51'


This section reviews some of the technical aspects of astrology used to generate this report.  If you wish to go directly to your personalized interpretations, skip this section and return to it at a later time.  The personal information begins on page 5.

This report interprets your birth chart from the point of view of career factors in the horoscope.  The material is drawn from four sources: (1) the astrological literature, (2) Carl Jung's writings on psychological types, (3) scientific research on vocation and the planets (especially the work of French statistician Michel Gauquelin), and (4) the author's experience as an astrologer over many years.

Many of the interpretations assume that you know your birth time accurately within a few minutes.  If you are uncertain of the exact time, you can either cast a chart for SUNRISE of your date and place of birth or choose the UNKNOWN birth time feature of the program. The sunrise chart provides an informative general report for anyone born on the same date and in the same place on earth and offers a valuable perspective on vocational issues. Clicking on the Unknown time button calculates the Moon and planets for Noon for the place of birth, but places them in a solar houses chartwheel.  The unknown time report omits interpretations for time-sensitive points.

This material is based on large statistical samples.  Most people find that about 80% of the interpretations fit them closely whereas about 20% appear less applicable.  If contradictory traits appear in the report, it is likely that both traits are aspects of your personality, but they are in conflict or vie with each other for expression.  Astrology affords one of many perspectives on career potential.  You should weigh the contents of this report with other sources of information such as your school record, job experience, vocational testing, your own sense of your likes and dislikes, and input from people who know you well.  Astrology can guide you by suggesting options, but you alone have the ultimate responsibility to decide on a career path.

The birth chart outlines your potentials -- what you may become depending on how you develop your talents and confront your challenges and liabilities.  It also helps you to identify your essential needs and chief motivations.  The chart can both validate what you know of yourself and suggest further possibilities.  It is up to each of us to weigh these factors in deciding on a career path that will be satisfying and promote personal growth.  There are many paths open to each of us; our final destination depends on the choices we make along the way.

The natal horoscope taken in its entirety is a symbol of the person as a whole.  Jung called this type of symbol a mandala.  The signs of the zodiac represent twelve basic needs (and their corresponding challenges) that must be met in the course of human development.  A particular planet can occupy any of the twelve signs and thus has available twelve different modes (signs) for expressing its fundamental planetary drive or energy.

The houses of the horoscope symbolize the twelve broad areas of life where we seek to fulfill our basic needs.  The planets signify the fundamental urges, drives, energies, or functions of the human personality.  Each planet occupies a particular sign and a particular house.  In addition, the planets make connections among themselves (the aspects) that clarify how these energies connect with each other.  Soft aspects (sextiles, trines, and conjunctions of harmonious planets) show natural abilities and things that come our way easily without much toil.  Hard aspects (squares, oppositions, and conjunctions of inharmonious planets) show challenges and talents that require work to develop but that may lead to significant achievements.

In vocational astrology the second, sixth, and tenth houses are the most important.  The second house indicates what resources (talents, values, money, and assets) are at our disposal for developing our self-worth and making a living.  The sixth house symbolizes the work environment, our co-workers, and the type of day-to-day labor involved.  The tenth house is the quintessential house of career and shows where we can become successful and achieve recognition in the eyes of the world.  Pay careful attention to the second, sixth, and tenth houses when reading this report.  Consider the signs on their cusps, the planets ruling those signs, and the planets within those houses.

Also consider the strengths and weaknesses of this type of information.  A computer-generated interpretation can only list and describe the individual astrological factors in your chart, but it cannot synthesize them into a coherent story.  You will need to put everything together into a meaningful whole that best fits your life experience and personal development.  At some point, you may wish to consult a professional astrologer for further insight into your birth map.

An important key is to pay close attention to any themes that come up repeatedly in the report.  Such recurring themes represent significant needs that must be met for you to have a satisfying career.  In addition, because the planet Saturn is so closely linked to what we do in the world, it is especially useful to study the information about Saturn in your chart.  In several places, there are lists of various occupations taken from the astrological literature. These job lists should be understood merely as illustrations of general principles rather than as specific recommendations of a career to pursue.  It is not possible to pinpoint a single specific vocational choice in a horoscope.

Regarding the Gauquelin research, the author has found that Gauquelin's findings about the meanings of planets in high intensity zones generalize to planets that are emphasized in other ways, according to the rules of traditional astrology.

Planets in Signs and Houses

Libra Ascendant

Cardinal, Air, Yang

Keywords: diplomatic, refined, artistic, aloof, conceptual, communicative, ambitious, peacemaking, cooperative, indecisive, harmonious, relationship-oriented.

With Libra rising, you are outgoing and assertive when it comes to getting your needs met. You take charge when you have to, and you are generally straightforward and direct in dealing with others.  There is usually a fondness for taking on challenges and generating new ideas, but you may be a little weak on the follow-through.  You work well in a crisis or under pressure and prefer to have the freedom to pursue your own interests.

People with a Libra Ascendant are usually well proportioned and often quite physically attractive.  They possess a good sense of form, balance, and harmony, which may find expression in the arts, music, drama, literature, dance, athletics, or other types of graceful self-expression.  You definitely appreciate the finer things in life.  The Ascendant signifies the body, and Libra here often gives an attractive and well-proportioned physical appearance.  Most likely you would prefer to work in pleasant surroundings.  You tend to dislike discord and violent confrontations, and you generally seek peace and harmony in relationships.  You genuinely like people, and your gracious and sociable demeanor assists you in working with others.

Key phrases for Libra are "I balance" and "I relate."  People with this position are drawn to occupations in which they can mediate, connect with others, and work directly with the relationships that exist among people, things, or abstract ideas.  Libra gives a strong sense of fairness, justice, symmetry, beauty, and proportion.  Librans prefer to work in a harmonious, relaxed environment where they can share ideas or debate with others. People with a Libra emphasis tend to be pleasant and agreeable, and generally treat others as equals.

Typical Libra occupations include counselor, therapist, public relations consultant, marketing, lawyer, judge, politician, designer, artist, musician, and beautician.  The career often involves social interactions and matters that appeal to public taste.  Libra is the sign of marriage and, abstractly, of the union of equal and opposite forces.  It is often prominent in the charts of chemists, army generals, and military or political strategists.  In afflicted charts, the negative side of Venus can cause setbacks due to laziness, deceit, superficial charm, showing off, cutting corners, or the excessive pursuit of sensual pleasure.

Some notable people with Libra rising are Judy Blume, Jon Bon Jovi, Pierre Cardin, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, T.S. Elliot, Jose Feliciano, Mohandas Gandhi, Adolph Hitler, Rock Hudson, the Dalai Lama, John McEnroe, Yoko Ono, Sidney Poitier, Frank Sinatra, Barbara Walters, and Denzel Washington.

The sign, house, and aspects of Venus, which rules Libra, will give further clues about your self-assertive drives.  The same holds true of the decan ruler(s) indicated below.

FIRST DECAN: Your Ascendant lies between 0 and 10 degrees of Libra.  Hence, your sense of identity also comes under the influence of the first decan of Libra, which is governed by LIBRA, VENUS, and Chaldean ruler, the MOON.  The combined effects of Venus and the Moon confer grace, charm, beauty, popularity, and often musical or artistic talent.  This is an excellent placement for politics, the performing arts, or any field that appeals to public moods or public taste.  Some well-known people with this decan rising include Denzel Washington, Bill Bradley, Bing Crosby, Harrison Ford, Rock Hudson, Birgit Nilsson, and Yoko Ono.

Sun in Cancer

The Sun symbolizes our core identity and basic life energy.  For us to feel authentic, our careers must allow for expression of our Sun sign's creativity and will to be.

Keywords: nurturing, intuitive, sensitive, protective, tenacious, imaginative, musical, conservative, cautious, frugal, security-conscious, moody, family oriented.

Cancer is the sensitive Crab whose hard shell protects its soft interior.  This sign is known for being moody, caring, nurturing, shrewd, retentive, and protective.  Cancers have good memories, keen intuition, psychic ability, strong family ties, and a strong sense of history, tradition, and patriotism.  Once they grasp onto something, they become quite tenacious and do not like to let go.  Cancer's ruler is the fluctuating, sensitive, and receptive Moon, goddess of the night and governatrix of the tides and the menstrual cycle.  Members of this sign readily pick up vibes from other people and from their environment.  They are good at collecting things and are especially fond of making and managing money.  These Celestial Crabs know how to hang onto what they have, and they like to watch their money grow. Many succeed in business, industry, and other fields that require financial acumen.

The typical Cancer has a strong need to nurture, mother, protect, heal, or look after others. Cancerians may be drawn to occupations connected with medicine, nursing, counseling, healing, teaching, the law, civil rights, nurseries, child care, pediatrics, or social work.  A Cancer's job must provide a sense of emotional satisfaction.  The Moon rules the public, and many entertainers and politicians are born under this sign.  Cancers are usually good mimics and natural comedians.  The fluidity, sensitivity, imagination, and emotionality of this sign often manifests as a talent for music, poetry, literature, painting, and other forms of art.  The Cancerian sensitivity to public tastes and moods can be useful in sales, advertising, design, the restaurant business, or public relations.

Cancer is the sign of the homemaker, and many Crabs enter fields related to domestic services, home economics, cooking, catering, restaurants, furniture, home building or repair, remodeling, plumbing, home electrical wiring, hotel work, and so on.  There may also be a talent for jobs connected with water, fishing, sailing, weather, storms, or the sea. Cancer has a connection with the Fourth House, which may give an interest in real estate, land, property, the care or study of the earth, meteorology, geology, chemistry, ecology, the physical sciences, environmental issues, and so on.

Cancer has a strong appreciation of past influences, and many Cancerians enjoy the study of history, antiquity, the past, developmental psychology, and similar topics.  Cancer's shrewdness with money can lead to success in business, finance, stockbroking, or investing.  Cancer's desire to protect and nurture leads some to work in government, the legal justice system, civil rights organizations, or movements that benefit the welfare of children.

In a statistical survey of sun signs by Paul Field (1964), Cancer produced a large number of lawyers (along with Gemini, Leo, and Scorpio).  Cancer was also a common sun sign among surgeons (as were Virgo and Capricorn).  In this survey, Sun in Cancer produced the smallest number of chemists and U.S. Senators and Representatives.

Some famous Cancer personalities include both Nelson and John D. Rockefeller, Thurgood Marshall, Meryl Streep, Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, Rembrandt, Marc Chagall, Louis Armstrong, Jean Paul Sartre, Franz Kafka, Julius Caesar, Kenneth Starr, O.J. Simpson, and the late Princess Diana.  The sign, house, and aspects of the Moon, which rules Cancer, will give further clues about career potentials in your chart.  The same holds true of the decan ruler(s) below.

THIRD DECAN: Your Sun lies between 20 and 30 degrees of Cancer (approximately July 13 - 22), your sense of identity and purpose in life come under the influence of the third decan of Cancer, which is governed by PISCES, NEPTUNE, JUPITER, and Chaldean ruler, the MOON.  You are likely to be quite imaginative, sensitive, intuitive, and even psychic.  The fields of psychology, healing, counseling, the occult, or spiritual work may have a strong appeal.  The strong influence of the Moon can indicate an interest in domestic matters, cooking, caring for children, comedy, acting, entertaining others, import/export, shipping, travel, matters connected with liquids or the sea, chemistry, and work that deals with public tastes.  If the Moon, Jupiter, or Neptune is afflicted, there is a risk of difficulties due to alcohol or drugs.  Members of this decan include Nelson Mandela, John Glenn, Ingmar Bergman, Woody Guthrie, Carlos Santana, Polly Bergen, Ginger Rogers, Harrison Ford, Phyllis Diller, John Leguizamo, Barbara Stanwyck, Ernest Hemingway, Janet Reno, and Robin Williams.

Sun in the Tenth House

The Sun represents our individuality, willpower, and sense of self.  The house occupied by the Sun reveals areas where we can feel authentic and express who we truly are.

A tenth house Sun denotes ambition and a desire to achieve a position that affords prominence, power, or social recognition.  You may be interested in politics or the social sciences.  Many with this placement prefer to be their own boss or to have a great deal of autonomy and independence on the job.  You are likely to have executive or leadership ability, and others will respect your knowledge, expertise, and authority.  Your relationship with your father is likely to have an important bearing on your choice of career.  Modesty is not likely to be one of your virtues, and you should avoid arrogance and narcissistic preoccupation with yourself.

Some with this position choose an occupation in which they can shine or enlighten others, either literally through lighting or electronics, or figuratively through endeavors like teaching, supervision, psychotherapy, film, entertainment, performance, comedy, illustration, higher education, scientific research, spiritual studies, mentoring, or other forms of increasing awareness.  There is a good possibility of receiving some type of public honor or acknowledgment for your work.  Through its rulership of Leo, the Sun may indicate an interest in careers involving creative self-expression, athletics, acting, directing, the performing arts, fun, recreation, speculative investing, banking, gold, jewelry, or work related to children.  The house with Leo on its cusp will give further clues to a potential vocation.

Moon in Leo

The Moon represents our feelings, emotions, capacity for empathy, psychological reactions, and habitual or subconscious patterning.  It signifies our need for security and our mothering instincts -- how we feel about, nurture, and care for one another.

A Leo Moon suggests that you are proud, creative, outgoing, and dramatic in self-expression.  You set high standards for your behavior, and you like to receive recognition for doing an excellent job or putting on a good show.  You are very attached to your own opinions and, having made up your mind, you have a difficult time appreciating another's point of view.  This is a good placement for artists, musicians, singers, actors, dancers, performers, entertainers, popular writers, marketers, and others who rely on public acclaim and approbation.  You have good organizational skills and may have executive ability.  An interest in finance is not uncommon and may lead to work in banking, accounting, stockbroking, or similar endeavors.  Through Leo's connection with the fifth house, there may be a talent for teaching, working with children, caring for animals, or speculative investing.

The Moon signifies our inner emotional life, and Leo's ruler, the Sun, represents the power and life force of our solar system.  With the Moon in Leo, you feel a need to connect yourself with a higher source of temporal or spiritual power and to bring vital warmth to those you care about.  You are especially adept at working under pressure and managing crises and troublesome situations.  You might enjoy employment as a social worker, guidance counselor, therapist, personnel manager, crisis worker, probation officer, or similar position.  Leo's connection to glamour, drama, pomp, and ostentation sometimes gives an interest in show business, the performing arts, adornment, jewelry, the fashion industry, or work connected with quality hotels, restaurants, or the finer things in life.

Moon in the Eleventh House

With the Moon in the eleventh house, you are sociable and friendly, but at the same time independent and capable of detachment and objective impartiality.  These traits could make you a fine advisor, counselor, lawyer, analyst, philosopher, or psychiatrist.  You rely on friends, acquaintances, societies, and group associations for emotional support and security.  Most likely you have wide and varied interests.  There may be a talent for tasks involving precision, organization, and complex rules such as engineering, accounting, chemistry, physics, electronics, computers, the Internet, technology, aeronautics, or work that utilizes modern vehicles, gadgets, measuring devices, or instruments.  You have a flair for the unusual and a keen sense of form and timing that can lead to occupations as varied as ballerina, acoustical engineer, juggler, clown, poet, musical instrumentalist, mathematician, or astrologer.  The Moon rules past influences and in Aquarius often gives an interest in preserving historical monuments or passing traditional beliefs and teachings on to future generations.

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury is the messenger of the gods.  This first planet from the Sun represents our mind and thinking process -- how we learn, analyze, reason, and communicate.  It also reveals how we use our hands, move our bodies, and explore our surroundings.

You have a reflective mind with excellent powers of retention, and you can be quite tenacious in learning about what you want to know.  You appreciate tradition and probably enjoy studying history and the influence of the past on current developments.  Being rather intuitive and perceptive, you readily tune into emotional nuances.  Some may even consider you psychic.  Your empathic ability is helpful for occupations in human relations, medicine, nursing, teaching, counseling, or the healing arts.  You enjoy home, family, and domestic matters, and your work may involve cooking, landscaping and gardening, caring for animals, or looking after people.

Your imagination and colorful manner of self-expression often give rise to an enjoyment of music, art, song, or dance.  A wanderlust or fondness for travel is not uncommon.  Because of Cancer's association with the Fourth House, you may be drawn to fields like ecology, meteorology, geology, environmental issues, or real estate.  Your sensitivity to public moods and tastes could lead to success in marketing, politics, the performing arts, or the fashion industry.  There is frequently, however, some shyness or timidity with this placement.

Mercury in the Ninth House

You can excel at work that involves communications, teaching, preaching, writing, editing, publishing, translating, broadcasting, or otherwise disseminating information.  You feel a need to "spread the word" and have the talent to do so.  In this modern age, you are likely to make use of computers and the Internet in your work.  An intellectual curiosity about philosophy, religion, the law, spirituality, foreign cultures, forecasting future trends, and other ninth house matters is common.

Venus in Gemini

Venus is the goddess of love.  This second planet from the Sun rules our affections, values, enjoyments, and how we relate to others.  Venus also governs art, beauty, adornment, pleasure, fun, and our sense of appreciation of the finer things in life.

With Venus in Gemini, you display a love of learning and a creative imagination.  You may communicate through musical, artistic, literary, or poetic expression.  A talent for languages, writing, teaching, or public speaking is common.  You believe that variety is the spice of life and probably enjoy reading, travel, intellectual stimulation, and making new acquaintances.  You can be quite witty and entertaining.  Some with this position find it hard to get close to others and avoid making deep emotional commitments.  The main drawbacks of Venus in Gemini are a certain restlessness, an inability to commit yourself, and a tendency to skim the surface rather than master something in depth.  Because Gemini is a sign of duality, your income or paychecks may come from more than one source.

Venus in the Ninth House

A ninth house Venus suggests a love of higher learning, travel, foreign cultures, and experiences that expand your horizons.  There is often an interest in science, psychology, law, philosophy, and religion.  Your career may involve publishing, broadcasting, advertising, publicity, disseminating information, the Internet, teaching, counseling, or inspiring others.  You may feel a need to reach out to a wide audience.  A capacity for sensing public tastes and anticipating future trends is typical of this position.  You may be especially fond of sports and outdoor activities.  An interest in healing or psychotherapeutic work is not uncommon.

Mars in Leo

Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun, is the ancient god of war.  Mars represents our libido, initiative, and physical energy.  The sign and house placement of Mars reveal how and where we express our passion, assert ourselves, and expend our energy.

Mars in Leo increases your courage, self-confidence, initiative, and enthusiasm.  You like to make a splash; and your fondness for challenge, excitement, and risk-taking can lead to success in the performing arts, theater, sports, promotions, sales, stock trading, gambling, courtroom law, or any competitive or risky endeavor.  You like to work on projects that you can see through from start to finish.  Most likely you would prefer to be your own boss rather than assume a subordinate position.  Your energy and positive attitude go a long way toward getting others to follow your lead.  You enjoy being noticed and tend to be passionate, ardent, dramatic, and a bit impulsive in whatever you do.

Mars in the Eleventh House

An eleventh house Mars suggests that you direct a great deal of energy into friendships and social contacts.  There is often a capacity for objective reasoning and a knack for science, computers, electronics, mathematics, or technical subjects.  Others look to you for advice and counsel, and some with this placement go into fields like psychiatry, teaching, education, or social work.  You may be skilled at repair, construction, carpentry, mechanics, or the maintenance and restoration of objects or gadgets.

Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter, the fifth planet from the sun, is the king of Mount Olympus and the most benefic of all the planets.  Jupiter represents expansion, wisdom, the higher mind, and the broadening of horizons.  The sign and house placements of Jupiter show how and where we encounter good fortune and continue to grow in body, mind, and spirit.

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer where it increases your imaginative and intuitive abilities. There is often business acumen, a good understanding of economics, and an ability to hold onto your money after acquiring it.  Your natural empathic ability may lead to a career as a healer, counselor, teacher, social worker, philanthropist, or in any field devoted to caring for the welfare of others.  Benefits can come through domestic matters, antiques, buildings, homes, real estate, or matters related to the land or the environment.  Your fondness for history, tradition, and the study of the past may influence your career.

Jupiter in the Tenth House

Jupiter in the tenth is traditionally a sign of a successful career, but you should not take this lucky influence for granted.  In the words of Aesop, "the gods help those who help themselves."  If you do the requisite groundwork, you can achieve a position of prominence and authority in your field.  However, if you sit back and wait for things to come your way, your lack of effort will undoubtedly lead to failure.  Jupiter here indicates leadership potential and may lead to a public career or one in which you receive recognition and honors.

Your occupation may involve teaching, higher education, writing, legal work, sports, promotions, forecasting, management, marketing, big business, religion, the law, publishing, broadcasting, disseminating information, travel, languages, foreign cultures, and other matters ruled by Jupiter.  This position is also common in the charts of physicians, chiropractors, professionals, and those who work in the corporate world.

Saturn in Gemini

Saturn, the sixth planet from the Sun, is the most distant planet that can be seen by the naked eye.  It marks the outer limits of the visible solar system and has been called at various times the Cosmic Teacher, Father Time, and the Grim Reaper.  Saturn symbolizes limitations, hardships, boundaries, fears, and the lessons we must learn. Like all good teachers, Saturn rewards hard work, discipline, and persistent effort.

Saturn in Gemini is common in the charts of people who are capable of serious and logical thinking.  There may be a talent for science, mathematics, analysis, research, technology, and other profound subjects.  If Saturn is prominent in your chart, you are likely to be a good student with excellent powers of concentration.  You work hard to master difficult topics, and you may eventually be recognized as an expert in your field.  You apply discipline to Mercury-ruled matters and may have a capacity for serious writing or teaching.  An aptitude for work requiring manual dexterity, rapid motion, or the disciplined and agile use of the upper extremities is often present.

Saturn in the Ninth House

A ninth house Saturn often indicates a studious person who is good at science and other ponderous subjects.  You may enjoy reading the classics or other weighty philosophical, or religious literature.  Teaching ability is common, and you may end up writing and publishing something in your field.  There is often an interest in understanding how knowledge is transmitted from generation to generation.  You may have a knack for taking the pulse of public tastes and being able to forecast future trends.  Many with this position have an interest in politics, social science, culture, language, higher education, anthropology, law, psychology, computer science, the Internet, or the serious study of occult subjects like astrology and Tarot.  Business related travel is also common.

Uranus in Gemini

You belong to a generation of progressive and original thinkers.  Some members of your group will be responsible for major scientific and technological breakthroughs.  Others will make their mark pursuing humanitarian causes or defending the rights and civil liberties of others.

Uranus in the Eighth House

Uranus is the first planet beyond Saturn's orbit and outside the boundary of the visible solar system.  It symbolizes breaking through barriers via originality, inventiveness, and progressive ideas.  Uranus reveals where we can express our novelty and uniqueness.

You are likely to have unconventional, or progressive ideas about life's mysteries, including sex, death, and reproduction.  There are often occult interests (astrology, Tarot, mysticism, reincarnation, etc.), and there is sometimes psychic ability.  Your partner may earn income from unusual sources, or you may gain through matters related to electronics, computers, inventions, or technology.  An interest in psychiatry, psychology, social work, medicine, healing, alternative medicine, or human sexuality is common.

Your original approach to finance and money management could make you quite successful in banking, accounting, investing, or any of the financial fields.  There may also be mechanical aptitude and a fondness for taking things apart and putting them back together to improve their functioning.  Some with this position are fascinated by strange or unexplained phenomena such as UFOs, ESP, ghost sightings, or paranormal happenings. It may be reassuring to know that, according to traditional texts, when death comes it is likely be sudden and unexpected.

Neptune in Virgo

You belong to a generation that values the ideal of rendering service to humanity.  Neptune in Virgo produces many who put their artistic talents and creative imagination to practical uses, often in fields connected with providing care, teaching, education, therapeutics, counseling, or healing to others.  There may be a fondness for seclusion or for working quietly or alone, as in a laboratory or research setting.  If Neptune occupies one of the occupational houses (2, 6, or 10), you may have an interest in health care, psychology, mental illness, medicine, pharmaceuticals, podiatry, or chemistry.

Neptune in the Twelfth House

Neptune is the ancient god of the oceans, which are fluid, without form, and boundless.  It dissolves the limitations set up by Saturn.  This planet symbolizes all that is cloudy, nebulous, dreamlike, mystical, or illusory.  Neptune represents compassion, intuition, empathy, sacrifice, and spiritual development.  The placement of Neptune reveals where we may care for others, pursue our ideals, and be at one with the universe.

You are highly intuitive and may have psychic ability.  An interest in the unconscious, dreams, psychology, mental health, meditation, hypnosis, alternative medicine, spirituality, astrology, the occult, or paranormal phenomena is common.  Your career may involve you in healing, psychiatry, charitable work, the ministry, or public welfare.  Many with this position have contact with the disadvantaged or with those confined to hospitals, prisons, or other institutions.  You need time alone or in private to reflect, pray, and contemplate. There is often a strong appreciation of music, art, illusion, mystery, magic, and spiritual aspects of reality.  This is an excellent position for a priest, minister, counselor, psychic, metaphysician, actor, musician, dancer, fashion designer, performer, or entertainer.  A fondness for animals is also frequent.

Pluto in Leo

Pluto in Leo enhances leadership ability and any creative, artistic, or dramatic tendencies elsewhere in the chart.

Pluto in the Tenth House

Pluto is the ancient god of the underworld who ruled the realm of death and darkness.  It represents immense power, transformation, radical change, renewal, and rebirth.  The placement of Pluto reveals where we express our needs for control and regeneration.

A tenth house Pluto gives great ambition to succeed in your career.  Often there is some unique personal trait or talent that makes you stand out from the crowd.  You may work for big business or in large institutions.  Commonly the occupation involves a product or service that benefits large numbers of people.  An interest in science, medicine, psychology, psychiatry, finance, banking, research, or healing is common.  There is a typically a talent for penetrating beneath the surface to understand how things work, to improve performance, or to make something better.  Careers involving the use of force or power (governmental, physical, or atomic) are not uncommon.  Your keen intuition and interest in transformation may lead to work in which you literally or figuratively plant seeds for future development.

Examples of people with Pluto in this position include doctors, surgeons, healers, crisis workers, psychotherapists, chiropractors, champion athletes, refuse workers, miners, underground workers, scientists who deal with bombs or atomic power, artists and poets who probe emotional depths, and those whose work involves them with the darker side of human nature.  There is usually leadership potential, but you may need to come to terms with a wish to dominate and control people that can make others view you as dictatorial.  In afflicted charts, there is a risk of underhanded or criminal behavior.

Pluto gives great determination and a capacity for intense concentration in career matters. Through its rulership of Scorpio, Pluto may indicate an interest in occupations related to sex, death and dying, joint finances, money management, the military, the secret service, the police, forensics, investigation, detective work, psychic phenomena, hidden matters, the occult, chemistry, photography, film developing, brewing, refrigeration, the meat trade, undertaking, and other Scorpionic activities.  Your work may involve the generation or use of power, or the management of material resources.  You do best when you pursue a career that passionately interests you and that allows scope for your emotional intensity and sensitivity to others.  The house with Scorpio on its cusp will give further clues to vocational potentials.

Cancer Midheaven

Our vocation is shown by the tenth house, the sign and decan of its cusp (which is the Midheaven or MC in most house systems), the ruler(s) of the tenth, any planets therein, and any aspects involving tenth house planets, the tenth house ruler(s), or the MC.

Key phrases for Cancer are "I feel," "I nurture," and "I protect."  Cancer governs the breast and the mother's milk.  Persons with a strong Cancer influence gravitate toward occupations that provide some sort of product or service to meet the needs of others. Cancer is a sign connected with home, country, family and domestic issues, and often suggests a close link to one's family in career matters.  Because you readily sense the moods and tastes of the public, you could do well in politics, negotiation, commerce, investing, trading, or business.  You need to derive emotional satisfaction from your work by being part of a supportive or nurturing unit.  Cancer is a tenacious sign that likes to earn and hold on to money, and you may have a talent for one of the financial fields.  Most likely you show great determination in pursuing your career goals.

Cancer belongs to the Water element; and Water is linked to empathy, intuition, psychic ability, emotional sensitivity, and a desire to heal, comfort, teach, nurse, or care for others. Water also confers an interest in art, music, song, dance, poetry, acting, comedy, or any type of creative, psychological, or spiritual endeavor.  Occupations found among people with a prominent Cancer include health care (nursing, medicine, psychiatry, counseling, psychology, obstetrics, social work, chiropractic, etc.), the humanities, teaching, politics (serving the needs of the country), sports management (taking care of a team), the ministry (caring for a congregation), banking, show business, publishing, the food and restaurant industry (chefs, cooks, bakers, ice cream and candy makers, caterers, restaurateurs), real estate, and home construction.

The sign of the Crab is prominent among those who write textbooks, children's books, and texts about cooking, fixing things, and home repair.  Our cars are our homes on the road, and Cancer here may suggest work as an auto mechanic or car detailer.  Cancer may also lead to work with plumbing, home wiring, shopkeeping, the hotel business, laundry work, or market gardening.  The Cancerian desire to nourish can lead to work in farming, horticulture, milk production, animal breeding, or nutrition.  Past influences are Cancer concerns, and many historians, antique dealers, collectors, and developmental psychologists have this position in their charts.  Cancer is also a symbol of the oceans, and your occupation might have to do with liquids, the use of water, sailing, fishing, or the sea.

In afflicted charts, vocational setbacks may result from disregarding traditional family values, severing family ties, engaging in sexual indiscretions, excessive emotionality, or a tendency to brood and harbor resentments.  Some with this position achieve notoriety for their destructive behavior or their contributions to the spread of weapons, war, and violence.

The sign, house, and aspects of the Moon, which rules Cancer, will give further clues about career potentials in your chart.  The same holds true of the decan ruler(s) below.

FIRST DECAN: Because your Midheaven lies between 0 and 10 degrees of Cancer, your career comes under the influence of the first decan of Cancer, which is governed by CANCER, the MOON, and Chaldean ruler VENUS.  The Cancer emphasis suggests a career in which you can nurture or take care of the physical or emotional needs of others. Venus often gives musical, artistic or literary talent, good looks, and a pleasant manner of self-expression.  You could do well in a field that requires tact, diplomacy, grace, charm, and the balancing of relationships.

North Node in Virgo

The Moon's North Node reveals areas of potential for growth.

In Virgo, the Moon's North Node advises you to develop your analytical abilities and your capacity for objectivity and the practical application of ideas.  Most likely you have a rich fantasy life that you can channel into your work.  Otherwise, fuzzy thinking, excessive emotionality, or escapist behaviors (including drug and alcohol use) can mar your performance and may even lead to problems with health.  Your desire to be of service can lead to a career in health care or one of the other helping professions.  You might also be drawn to other Virgo related occupations such as education, nutrition, therapeutics, food services, editing, data processing, or any field that requires systematic methodology.

North Node in the Twelfth House

In the twelfth house, the Moon's Node suggests that you develop your capacities for empathy and compassion, creative imagination, rendering service, and alleviating the suffering of your fellow human beings.  You may be drawn to work related to medicine, psychology, charity, unconscious processes, dreams, hypnosis, meditation, psychotherapy, or any endeavor that involves emotional or spiritual healing.  There is often a talent for music, singing, poetry, creative writing, acting, painting, sculpting, glass blowing, or other forms of artistic expression.  You may enjoy working with those confined to institutions such as hospitals, prisons, shelters, nursing homes, or mental health centers.  It is important for you to attend to your spiritual life.

Planets in Aspect

Mercury conjunct Midheaven  (Strength:  12.84)

The agile and communicative planet Mercury conjunct the Midheaven places a strong emphasis on careers denoted by the signs Gemini and Virgo and by the planet Mercury. Mercury, the nimble wing-footed messenger of the gods, signifies the intellect, speech, quick wit, rapid motion, trade, commerce, correspondence, and all means of transport and communication.  A strong Mercury suggests a career that calls for quick thought, agility, dexterity, and/or facility with words and language.  Mercury represents students, teachers, educators, communicators, writers, lecturers, speakers, editors, journalists, printers, engravers, clerks, agents, salespersons, merchants, distributors, data processors, computer programmers, telephone operators, messengers, translators, linguists, and interpreters.

Mercury is linked to occupations having to do with vehicles, travel, transit, running, or any form of rapid motion.  This planet is often prominent in the charts of athletes and musical instrumentalists who depend on their manual dexterity.  Through its rulership of Gemini, Mercury suggests many contacts within the local environment.  Through its rulership of Virgo, Mercury suggests discrimination, a knack for work with details, and an interest in health, hygiene, diet, and therapeutics.  Mercury also governs alchemy and may indicate an interest in magic or divination.

The 3rd House, which is linked to Mercury, governs communication, writing, messages, local travel, vehicles, transport, and contacts within the community.  People with a strong third house may enjoy work as journalists, teachers, writers, editors, mail handlers, drivers, messengers, draftsmen, telephone operators, mechanics, electricians, computer operators, and so on.

The 6th House, which is also linked to Mercury, rules illness, therapeutics, diet, nutrition, service, small animals, and the work environment.  People with a strong sixth house often render some type of service to others, especially health care.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter  (Strength:  11.64)

Jupiter expands the mental acuity, industry, dexterity, and the linguistic and academic skills of Mercury.  You tend to be easy-going, non-demonstrative, and soft-spoken.  Your interests lean toward artistic or intellectual matters, and you have a capacity for intuitive insight.  Your career may involve you in religion, the legal system, art, literature, music, journalism, broadcasting, publishing, communications, advertising, or philanthropic activities.  Some with this aspect do work that involves prodigious amounts of written material.  There is often a talent for language and communication that can be put to use in fields as diverse as teaching, translating, musical composition, or hosting a talk show. Your mind is capable of grasping the big picture, and you may have a knack for understanding the world of corporate finance.  If you are athletically inclined, your agility and capacity for rapid movement are great assets.  On the negative side, you may take an extreme or inflated view of a situation that disregards important essential factors of what is happening.

Jupiter conjunct Midheaven  (Strength:  9.51)

Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven places a strong emphasis on careers denoted by the signs Sagittarius and Pisces and the planet Jupiter.  Jupiter, the ruler of Mount Olympus, is expansive and outgoing.  It signifies a love of knowledge, wisdom, and wide experience.  A strong JUPITER suggests a career involving a broad perspective, enlightening contacts with others, and a broadening of horizons.  The Gauquelin research found a prominent Jupiter in the charts of journalists, actors, playwrights, politicians, corporate executives, and military personnel.  In this research, Jupiter was relatively weakly placed in the charts of physicians and scientists.

Traditional Jupiter-ruled careers include lawyer, judge, educator, university professor, language teacher, theologian, pastor, philosopher, spiritualist, counselor, psychologist, banker, broker, administrator, politician, publisher, writer, linguist, athlete, broadcaster, forecaster, meteorologist, pilot, flight attendant, legislator, advertising agent, jockey, horse trainer, sporting goods manufacturer, and shoemaker.  Jupiter rules long distance travel and foreign interests.  Many with a strong Jupiter work in big business or the corporate world.  Through its rulership of Pisces, Jupiter can indicate an interest in music, art, poetry, library science, charity work, the clergy, mental health, intuition, and spiritual understanding.

The NINTH HOUSE (which is linked to JUPITER and SAGITTARIUS) rules long distance travel, broad-based communication, publishing, broadcasting, higher education, forecasting, abstract knowledge, religion, philosophy, the law, science, languages, other cultures, foreign affairs, import/export, outdoor sports, and exploration.

Mercury sextile North Node  (Strength:  5.96)

You enjoy communicating with people and may have a talent for writing, journalism, lecturing, teaching, computers, programming, or any Mercury-ruled pursuit.  This aspect is common in the charts of essayists, critics, editors, and others who love books and learning. Your work may also involve travel, movement, agility, manual dexterity, sales, commerce, frequent talking on the telephone, or being constantly on the go.  Through Mercury's rulership of Virgo, this aspect can indicate an interest in health care or any of the various types of therapeutic endeavors.

Saturn conjunct Uranus  (Strength:  4.89)

Saturn conjunct Uranus indicates the potential for character growth that results from overcoming hardships, losses, and difficulties in your life.  You may be a survivor who has had to cope with suffering and persevere in the face of obstacles.  You are capable of original and objective reasoning, and there is often scientific or mathematical talent. Considerable leadership potential may be in evidence.  There is usually great self-discipline and a strong sense of direction, self-will, and purpose in life.  Your thinking is a curious blend of traditional values (Saturn) and progressive or even revolutionary ideas (Uranus).  If this conjunction participates in stressful aspects, it warns of nervous tension, accident proneness, arrogance, or wrong-headed behavior.

Uranus trine Ascendant  (Strength:  4.25)

Uranus aspecting the Ascendant reveals a person who is progressive, free thinking, independent, and sometimes a bit eccentric or revolutionary.  Tradition and orthodoxy do not bind you.  Instead, you are capable of novel insights and you appreciate alternative ways of viewing reality.  Health care workers with this aspect often utilize techniques of alternative or non-traditional medicine (e.g., meditation, hypnosis, acupuncture, etc.). There may be a talent for science, mathematics, chemistry, technology, electronics, or computer-related subjects.  Your capacity for objective and impartial thinking can lead to success as a counselor, advisor, social scientist, political activist, attorney, social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist.  A prominent Uranus is also common in the charts of astrologers and others with New Age, unorthodox, or occult interests.  The main problem with this aspect is a tendency to be stubborn and fixed in your opinions as well as a proneness to say or do shocking things that upset or surprise other people.

Jupiter square Ascendant  (Strength:  3.96)

A strong Jupiter suggests a personality that is proud, ambitious, witty, outgoing, optimistic, competitive, self-confident, and independent.  You enjoy life, have a good sense of humor, and possess a facility with words.  Most likely you are fond of travel and adventure, and you enjoy positions of power and authority.  Jupiter often confers a commanding presence and a fondness for display.  You like things done your way and you dislike resistance to your wishes.  Your faults may include an unwillingness to admit your mistakes and a tendency to make sarcastic or shocking remarks to get a rise out of others.

The Gauquelin research found Jupiter prominent in the charts of the following professions: the military, politics, theater, cinema, and journalism.  Jupiter also indicates a love of action that is common among aviators, explorers, and adventurers.  This expansive planet favors careers involving medicine, the law, religion, philosophy, forecasting, publishing, higher education, sports, travel, foreign interests, or communicating with people at a distance. The theatricality of Jupiter may be reflected in a fondness for pomp and circumstance, for dressing up in costumes or uniforms, and for performing before the public.

Pluto sextile Ascendant  (Strength:  3.93)

You are an emotionally intense person who wants to assume power and radically change your environment.  Others may regard you as having a magnetic personality and a fair amount of sex appeal.  You may rise to a leadership position in which others regard you as somewhat dictatorial.  There is usually an interest in matters of birth, death, healing, transformation, and regeneration.  You have a capacity to eliminate that which is useless and outworn to make way for new growth and development.  Some with this aspect are drawn to investigate matters that are hidden, secret, psychic, occult, or paranormal.  Pluto also gives an awareness of the darker side of human nature.

Neptune conjunct Ascendant  (Strength:  2.56)

With Neptune closely aspecting the Ascendant, you may be a master illusionist able to cast a spell over the masses.  Others are likely to see you as attractive, alluring, or glamorous. You are attuned to hidden undercurrents and subtle nuances of meaning.  There is often an interest in poetry, imagery, dreams, art, music, dance, literature, speculative theorizing, creative writing, mystery, magic, astrology, theology, and spiritual or occult subjects.  Your career may involve filmmaking, photography, acting, music, singing, drama, stage performance, or other creative activities.  Neptune is also connected with oil, gas, liquids, alcohol and drugs, chemicals, medicines, pharmaceuticals, long journeys, and the sea. Creative chefs often have a strong Neptune.

Many with this position seek to render some type of service to those who are ill, disadvantaged, or confined to hospitals or institutions.  This is an excellent position for physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, hypnotists, priests, nuns, clergy, and others who desire to better the lot of humankind.  You are highly intuitive and can use your accurate hunches to invest money wisely.  Time spent in meditation or quiet contemplation is important to your well-being.  A fondness for animals is often in evidence.  In afflicted charts, this aspect cautions you to avoid any type of scandalous, deceptive, or illicit behavior.

Venus sextile Mars  (Strength:  2.02)

Venus/Mars aspects often indicate an attractive physical appearance and a fondness for exercise and keeping in shape.  The physical drive of Mars is filtered through the grace and poise of Venus.  You may be able to use your good looks, charm, and sex appeal to further your career.  There is often an enjoyment of music and dance, and a fondness for directing one's physical energy into graceful sports, theatrical performance, or artistic endeavors.  Some with this position are especially fond of cars, motorcycles, and other types of vehicles or mechanical devices.

Moon square Uranus  (Strength:  1.91)

Moon/Uranus aspects often indicate musical talent, originality, and technical ability.  Others may view you as an innovator, a maverick, or an iconoclast.  There may have been something odd or erratic in your emotional life, especially in your relationship with your mother, which has affected your career path.  The detachment of Uranus combined with the Moon's emotionality may manifest as a kind of cool, or even icy, brilliance.  The Uranian connection may give an interest in out of the ordinary or New Age matters.  You are a bit of a revolutionary.  This aspect is common in the charts of authors and filmmakers who present us with a novel view of reality.

Mercury trine Part of Fortune  (Strength:  1.51)

You can benefit from Mercurial pursuits such as communications, writing, journalism, teaching, travel, and the dissemination of knowledge or information.

Balance of Elements and Modalities

Abundant Water

Keywords: emotional, sensitive, caring, compassionate, imaginative, poetic, musical, psychological, healing, nurturing, spiritual, intuitive, psychic, inner directed

An abundance of water in a chart correlates with Jung's function of feeling.  You are sensitive to the feeling tones and emotional resonance of whatever or whomever you encounter.  Water is very intuitive and tends to make decisions on the basis of emotions. You are concerned with values and with the appreciation of relationships, of things, of events, and of the psychological states of yourself and others.  Memories and reminiscences are important to you for their emotional value.  Water seeks to penetrate beneath the surface, to find the deeper meaning of things, and to understand and remedy any problem it uncovers.  You probably have a special talent for the musical, metaphorical, "right brain" type of thinking.  Psychic ability is often present.

You are a loyal friend to the significant others in your life, and you have a strong sense of heritage and tradition.  Your sense of time is focused toward the past and its emotional significance in your life.  You are readily able to establish an empathic connection with others and may be drawn to jobs that utilize this talent (e.g., sales, customer relations, counseling, etc.).  Water is intuitive and possesses a gentle healing energy that can lead to success in nursing, psychology, psychiatry, or any of the healing professions.  Water's attunement to feelings is also favorable to careers in the arts, dance, music, acting, or any field that involves sensitivity to the emotional states of others.  You will need to find a way to make use of the dreamy, mystical, otherworldly quality of Water in your career path.

Introverted feeling types direct their attention inward to their own emotional and psychological life.  They are drawn to careers where they can express themselves creatively and often in solitude.  Here we find poets, composers of music, writers of romance novels, mystics, monks, cloistered nuns, recluses, hermits, meditators, and others who withdraw into their private world in search of spiritual development and inner peace. At its extreme this emotional withdrawal into oneself can result in states of melancholy and depression.

Extraverted feeling types enjoy human relationships and readily connect with the feeling states of others.  Often they are seen as the "life of the party."  They are exquisitely aware of subtle nuances in the feeling tone within a situation, and they can use their personalities to adjust or manipulate their emotional environment.  Their talent for connecting with others emotionally can make them successful actors, performers, entertainers, or political leaders who are able to sway the masses.  Their desire to nurture may lead them to careers in nursing, counseling, social work, psychotherapy, the ministry, restaurant work, or other professions that minister to the needs of others.

Abundant Air

Keywords: communicative, verbal, abstract, logical, objective, theoretical, mental, socially aware, interactive, idea- and relationship-oriented.

Air signs are drawn to careers in which they can play with ideas and think abstractly or conceptually.  They like to deal with the relationships among people, ideas, or situations. They easily acquire, analyze, weigh, and evaluate information.  Air signs represent idea people who are skilled communicators.  Air likes to circulate and needs lots of social contact and interactions.  Air people like to work in settings with a lot of activity and a lighthearted atmosphere where they can talk with others, ask questions, share ideas, write things down, and receive mental and social stimulation.  They like variety in the workplace and want to make their mark on the world through their intelligent, graceful, or clever way of doing things.

An abundance of air in a chart correlates with the Jungian function of thinking.  Like Mr. Spock of StarTrek, thought, reason, principles, objectivity, and logic guide you.  You have an appreciation of the law of cause and effect, and you take a long-term, historical view of events and situations.  Your approach to problem solving is organized, systematic, thoughtful, and analytical.  Most likely you also have administrative ability.  Unless water is strong in your chart, you are likely to be somewhat lacking in the feeling function and will need to work on developing your emotional awareness.

Introverted thinkers are drawn toward careers where they can develop or elaborate scientific or philosophical theories.  They are conceptual thinkers who enjoy seeing relationships and logical interconnections among various elements and basic assumptions of their theoretical system.  Many mathematicians, theoretical scientists, writers, teachers, philosophers, and composers of orchestral music belong to this group.
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Extraverted thinkers like to apply their systematic, organized, and conceptual thinking to the external world.  They are drawn to careers such as engineering, administration, management, and the law.  They like to bring order and efficient functioning to the world around them.  Some literally work with air in fields like aviation and meteorology.

Abundant Substance

Keywords: practical, resourceful, organized, managerial, hard-working, skilled, methodical, systematic, materialistic, worldly, status-conscious

Many planets in houses 2, 6, and 10 suggest a career that meets the need of achieving some type of respect or recognition for producing tangible and practical results, often involving some type of analytic ability or technical skill.  There is frequently a desire to work with products or services in the material world, and there is often a knack for business or administration.  You value stability and have a strong sense of duty and responsibility.

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