Johnny Depp Astrology
Occupation: Actor
Birthday:  June 9, 1963
Famous Relationships:  Winona Ryder  Kate Moss  
Jennifer Grey and Vanessa Paradis
Birth Place:  Owensboro, Kentucky
Birth time:  8:44 am
Sun Sign:  Gemini
Moon Sign:  Capricorn
Sun/Moon: Gemini/Capricorn
Ascendant Sign:  Leo
Shares birthday with: Natalie Portman
Michael J. Fox
Johnny Depp's Astrological Type of Woman
Are you his type too? Johnny Depp   
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Relationships with Johnny Depp  
Analyze your relationship with Johnny Depp - in mathematical terms - for presence and
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Johnny Depp Astrological Profile & Study of His Relationship
Astrologer's Notes on Johnny Depp
 Johnny Depp is a Sun Sign Gemini, but his chart is
dominated by the Earth element.   His Moon, Mercury, Venus,
Mars, and Uranus are all in Earth.  His
Moon in Capricorn
indicates that he is serious, dedicated, and ambitious.          
Capricorn Moon is common among celebrities for these
reasons and perhaps because this Moon is less sensitive to
criticisms of being in the public eye.  Johnny’s Moon also sits
in his sixth house, telling us that he takes his work seriously
and that it provides him a sense of emotional security to
portray believable characters.
Johnny is noted for playing eccentric characters.  This is
shown in his chart by his Mars conjunct Uranus in his 1st
house.  Remember, the 1st house describes how you see
yourself, and Mars (energy) conjunct Uranus (eccentric,
unusual) is and apt description of Johnny and the characters
he chooses to play.  
Gemini Sun is also very adaptable and versatile, which is
fitting with his witty characters.  Mercury (ruler of his Sun) is
also strongly aspect in his chart with a conjunction to Venus
and a square to Saturn, again indicative of his wit.   
Ascendant in Leo is also typical of his eccentric and self
centered character portrayals.  
Luck and fame in Johnny’s chart is indicated by his Moon
Square Jupiter, Moon sextile Neptune, Jupiter trine
Ascendant and Neptune square Ascendant.  Both Jupiter and
Neptune are the planets mostly strongly indicative of fame.  
Moon and Ascendant are aspected by both Jupiter and
Neptune which shows a strong emotional connection to his
audiences that makes him both personable and likeable.   
Johnny Depp's Natal Chart
johnny depp's natal chart
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Johnny is also famous for his sexual appeal.  This is shown in
his chart with his Moon Square Jupiter, Jupiter trine
Ascendant,  Venus square Uranus and Mars conjunct
Uranus.  Venus, Mars and Uranus are the planets most
associated with sexual appeal and Johnny has this in
spades.  His Ascendant in Leo is also indicative of
confidence, appeal and being the center of attention.
Saturn is a sore point in Johnny’s chart.  It is in Aquarius and
sits in the 7th house.  Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, but
before its discovery, Aquarius was ruled by Saturn and is still
considered a co-ruler, giving this Saturn placement extra
strength.  It receives a nice trine from the Sun, but is in tight
square to Johnny’s personal planets of Mercury conjunct
Venus.  That Uranus (co-ruler of his 7th house cusp) is in the
first house, is also indicative of a strong opposition within
himself when it comes to his closest
Saturn in the 7th house of marriage indicates that Johnny will
takes his relationships very seriously and will learn many
lessons.  However, with the Mars conjunct Uranus and
Mercury conjunct Venus squared Saturn,  there will always
be an element of unpredictability, eccentricity and bachelor-
ness in his relationships.
Johnny has only one planet in Water with Neptune in the 4th
house.  This is interesting as Johnny’s most famous
relationships involve Water Moon women (
Winona Ryder,
Kate Moss, Vanessa Paradis and probably Jennifer Grey
also).  Often we are attracted to others that represent our
lacks; in Johnny’s case, his lack of water.   
Johnny is also attracted to strongly cardinal women.  This is
shown in his chart by his most active planets sitting in the
cardinal houses (Mars and Uranus in the 1st, Neptune in the
4th, Saturn in the 7th and Venus and Mercury in the 10th).   
This area of his life is covered more closely in
Johnny Depp’s
Astrological Type of Woman.  
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