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My fiancé broke our engagement last year.  Was that my one chance at
marriage this lifetime?

Dear 04-19-1950,
I've looked at your chart, your progressed chart and a horary chart for the time
you asked the question.  The natal chart shows Saturn as the ruler of the 7th
house of marriage.  Co-ruler would be Venus, the natural ruler of the house.  
Venus and Saturn are opposed to each other in your natal chart.  Adding
another factor, a Capricorn 7th house cusp, ruled by Saturn, is a good
indicator of a late marriage or marriage to someone older.  Saturn may delay
but does not necessarily deny.  Saturn is retrograde in your natal chart and
has recently turned to direct motion in your progressed chart.  Some
astrologers think the Sun and it's aspects indicate the husband in a woman's
chart.  Your natal chart has Sun applying (yet to come) to both Jupiter and

At the time, approximately, that your engagement was broken, transiting
Jupiter was conjunct Saturn and opposite Venus indicating the separation.  
Your progressed (1 day for 1 year) chart showed progressed Venus trining
your natal Saturn, but when the aspect ended so did the relationship.   I'm just
beginning the study of horary because it gives concrete and specific
information that the natal and progressed charts do not.  The horary chart,
cast for the time of your question, was inconclusive, at least to me, a real
beginner in this area.  

But, back to what I do know.  The progressed chart for the up coming year
has mixed indications:  progressed Moon will trine your progressed 7th house
cusp of marriage and progressed/natal Neptune at the same time making a
number of negative aspects to natal and/or progressed Venus and Saturn.   
The trine to Neptune is good as it is in mutual reception (acts like a
conjunction) to natal Venus.   Jupiter obviously has bearing on a potential
marriage and transiting Jupiter will be entering Scorpio this fall.   It will first
trine (very good) your natal Jupiter then natal Uranus, then your natal
Ascendant.   This should be a strong influence in bringing someone into your
life.  Transiting Jupiter will then trine natal Venus and sextile Saturn.  This
aspect could bring about marriage.  Jupiter always goes retrograde at regular
intervals, so expect things to stall out during those times.  

I wish there was more clear cut evidence of an eventual marriage but  I see
nothing that absolutely denies marriage.

Wishing you well,
Vega Attraction Astrologer
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