Venus in Pisces
A person with Venus in Pisces is friendly, compassionate
and easy to approach.  They often have a tight circle of
friends and rely heavily on their networks.  Their flirting
style can either be very sweet and innocent or very blatant.  
It will depend on the person and situation and what their
intuition is telling them.  A man with Venus in Pisces tends
to appreciate a sensitive, loyal, idealistic and empathetic
woman.  In a relationship they need to feel needed.  They
are very tender, affectionate, sentimental and
demonstrative.  They have a strong need to feel romance in
their every day life.  A Venus in Pisces person will often
make sacrifices for their partner but it is also necessary for
them to feel appreciated and possibly rewarded for their
efforts.  They are highly idealistic and if disappointed or
disillusioned, they can retreat into a bitter and lonely shell.
How Venus, planet of love, functions in each sign.
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Astrology is more than your sun sign.  Also important in
relationships is the
Moon in sign and the planet of love
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