Venus in Gemini
A person with Venus in Gemini can be quite the flirt.  They
enjoy socializing, small talk and meeting new people.   They
tend to be very curious about people and form attractions,
crushes and flings quickly.  Venus in Gemini people love to
explore new things, people and boundaries.  They
appreciate variety and can’t stand any kind of restrictions to
be placed on them.  A lover wishing to dictate how the
Venus in Gemini person is to think or act would find
themselves dumped without notice.  A man with this Venus
placement tends to appreciate a woman with a sharp
mind.   Many of the affairs and love interests are short and
superficial for a Venus in Gemini person and they run from
anything that speaks of jealousy or possessiveness.  They
are not the most passionate of people.  They understand
passion on an intellectual level more than they actually feel
the emotion.  (Note: this can quality can be greatly modified
with other qualities in the persons chart).   Venus in Gemini
feels the best when mentally stimulated by other people.  
They also tend to need a lot of attention, can be flighty and
uncaring of who they hurt.  
How Venus, planet of love, functions in each sign.
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