Venus in Capricorn
A person with Venus in Capricorn is cautious in love.  They
want to get to know a person before dating them and they
prefer to be friends first.  What they really want to do is
figure out if someone is right for them before they get
involved.  A person with Venus in Capricorn has a flirting
style that tends to be very subtle at first; usually they show
more attention to the other person then they normally
would.  When they are sure of the other person they will
likely approach them with some proposition that is
acceptable to them.  A man with Venus in Capricorn tends
to appreciates a mature, responsible, socially conscious
and respectable woman.  In a relationship they can
suppress their emotions but they never skimp on showing
they care by being loyal, honorable and responsible.  They
will rarely shout about their love, but once someone has
their trust they will try their best to make things work and
make their partner happy.   
How Venus, planet of love, functions in each sign.
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Astrology is more than your sun sign.  Also important in
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Moon in sign and the planet of love
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