Pisces Friends
Sun Sign Friendships
Pisces Friendships
No other sign beats a Pisces friend for kindness.  When
your down or just needing someone to build you up, this
is the friend to seek.  They are the epitome of compassion
and have a seemingly endless supply of hugs,
sympathetic words and willingness to bend over
backwards for you in your times of needs.  A Pisces friend
is also great for building dreams with as their imaginations
have no limits.  However, they are so emotional, that it
often consumes them and they can indulge in self pity like
no other.  When they are in these moods, nobody is home
and you might not hear from them for months as they lick
their wounds.  
Best Qualities: They are sympathetic,
compassionate, imaginative and kind
Worst Qualities: They can be moody, and a little
too dreamy, and they can be a real push over
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