Gemini and Scorpio Love Match
little in common.  Initially they can
fascinate each other.  The Scorpio will
find the Gemini very curious with their
mercurial ways and wish to solve the
mystery.  The Gemini is usually intrigued
by the sexual aura most Scorpios have
and find them oddly compelling because
they are so different.   Geminis enjoy
differences - Scorpios do not.  Often in
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Relationship Compatibility between Scorpio and Gemini
A love match between a Gemini and a Scorpio is unlikely.  Gemini is
mutable air and Scorpio is fixed water.  In short, these two have very
this combination the Scorpio will dismiss the Gemini as superficial
and flighty.  Likewise, the Gemini will find the Scorpio much too
intense and possessive.   Scorpios need to feel a deep connection
with their partners and are prone to jealousy and fits of passion.  
Nothing scares a Gemini more than commitment and they tend to like
variety more than sharing deep emotions with others.  
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