Attractions in Astrology
Do you have an astrological type?  
Do you keep meeting a specific sign?
What influences in your natal chart show the people you attract?
Finding in your natal chart the types you are attracted to
can be tough.  In most cases, you can find your type in
the Sun, Moon, conjunctions, oppositions, seventh house,
lack of element and Venus/Mars aspects.

Conjunctions and the Sun
Conjunctions are powerful indicators of the type of person
you attract in your life.  In particular, the Sun conjunct
another planet.   For example, a person with Sun conjunct
Pluto will constantly act like super glue towards the
Scorpio type, either Sun, Moon or stellinium in Scorpio.  
Following the Sun conjunct Pluto example, a person with
this in their natal chart might also be attracted to another
Sun conjunct Pluto person.  Or a person with Pluto
conjunct their ruling or most personal planet.   

The Moon
The Moon sign can also show the types your attracted
to.  For example, if you have a Leo Moon it is likely you
attract other fire signs into your life, Sun or Moon.   In a
mans chart the Moon is especially strong in showing the
type you are attracted to.  

The Seventh House
Planets in the seventh house can also show what types
you attract.  A woman with Pluto in the seventh house
had many unsuccessful relationships with Scorpio men.  It
wasn’t until the woman met a Sun conjunct Pluto man that
fell in her seventh house that she found what she was
looking for.   Having another persons Sun in your seventh
house is a strong indicator of attraction and is very
common in relationships.   A persons sun sign will fall in
your seventh house when it is opposite your
Ascendant or
rising sign.  

Oppositions are also strong factors of attraction,
especially when they involve the Sun or Moon.  For
example if you have Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Virgo,
you might attract Sun or Moon sign Cancers and Pisces.   
Sun opposite the Moon is especially common.   While
oppositions are powerful indicators of attraction, they
rarely signal a healthy relationship.  

What You Lack
Oftentimes you will attract people who have what you
lack.  In my natal chart, I have only one planet in air and
one planet in earth - but I keep attracting both Gemini (air)
and Virgo (earth).   So for example, if you are strongly fire
and air, you probably attract people who are strongly
water and/or earth.  Attracting what you lack applies
mostly to elements, rarely to modes.  For example, if you
are strongly fixed and cardinal, it is unlikely you will attract
a person who is strongly mutable.
Attracting what you lack can also be a very powerful
influence with those who have a T-square in their natal
chart.  A T-Square involves three planets in the same
mode (cardinal, fixed or mutable).  For example, a person
with a planet at 7 degrees Aries, a planet at 7 degrees
Cancer and a planet at 7 degrees Capricorn has a T-
Square.   A person with at T-Square often attracts
someone who has a personal planet within orb of their T-
Square.  Also common to T-Square people is attracting
those who would form a Cross to their T-Square.  Using
the above example, a person would form a Cross with the
T-Square person when they have a planet at 7 degrees
Libra.   When two people form a Cross together it’s a sure
sign of attraction but also one of the strongest signs of a
doomed relationship.  

Venus and Mars Aspects
The planet Venus shows how you love by sign and
house.  However, Venus in your chart by sign or house
will rarely show your type.  The influence of Venus in
attractions is most strong when it makes powerful
aspects, especially to the Sun or Mars.   In almost any
romantic relationship, Venus is aspect to Mars by either
conjunction, opposition, trine or square.   

The Sun, Moon, conjunctions, oppositions, lack of
element, seventh house, and Venus/Mars aspects all
show the type of person you are attracted to.  The
keywords in this article are type and attractions.  There
are always exceptions to the rules and this is true in the
types of people you attract and where it shows in your
natal chart.  Also, this is attractions, not necessarily
symbolic of a lasting, happy and healthy relationship.  
Who you are attracted to does not always directly relate
to who you are compatible with.   
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The answers can be quite complex and can usually only
be pinpointed by studying the individuals natal chart.  In
my life I keep attracting the Mercury ruled signs, Gemini
and Virgo.   Almost everyone in my life has either Sun or
Moon in Gemini or Virgo.  Why? Mars is the ruler of my
chart because of my Aries Ascendant and it is also my
key planet.  In a female chart Mars often shows who you
are attracted to (Venus shows the same in a mans
chart).  So why don’t I attract Aries or even Scorpio who
is co-ruled by Mars?  In my chart Mars is conjunct and in
eclipse with my Mercury.   When two planets are
conjunct their energies are combined and it can be very
hard to separate the two energies.  A conjunction is
made even more powerful when the two planets are an
eclipse.  In my case, I express, identify and attract most
strongly with Mercury ruled energies and people
Finding in your natal chart the types you are attracted to
can be tough.  In most cases, you can find your type in
the Sun, Moon, conjunctions, oppositions, seventh
house, lack of element and Venus/Mars aspects.
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